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Vitamin C Face Wash | Hydrating Face Wash

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Infused with vitamins C and berries, Nake Organica's hydrating face wash is made from pure, natural ingredients. Formulated with no chemicals, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells & leaves your skin glowing. This is a glow-boosting face wash that will clarify your skin and reveal fresh healthy-looking skin. It stimulates the skin and provides juicy moisturizing. Helps cleanse away impurities and improves hydration for healthy, glowing skin.


Decyl glycoside: Decyl glycoside: Derived from coconut and corn 100% renewable vegetable origin, Natural Surfactant & Foaming Ingredients.

Honey: Nourishes with its antioxidant properties, a natural humectant draws moisture from the skin without replacing it.

Hydroxyethyl Urea: Urea helps improve the appearance of patches of dry, rough, scaly skin in two ways: by providing hydration to smooth your skin's texture, and by helping to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells.

Vegetable Glycerin: Pull moisture from the air, Keeps hydrated and healthy.

Vitamin C: Brightens complexion and also promotes collagen synthesis.

Morocco Argan: Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, helps to revive and restore skin giving it a radiant look and supple feel.

Raspberry: Reduce the signs of aging such as black spots or wrinkles.

Imidazolidinyl urea: antimicrobial preservative

How to use

Take coin-size face wash powder on wet palms. Add a few drops of water in it and rub between palms to create mild foam. Massage gently over the face. Take additional water if required. Rinse it well.


->Washes away impurities, dust, and dirt.
->Non-drying formula
->Youthful Skin
->Keeps pore clear
->Skin’s natural moisture balance
->Removes impurities, dead cells
->Revive your dehydrated, grimy skin Dermatologically-Proven for safety and gentleness on all skin types
->Skin looks visibly radiant & brightened
->Improves the look of dark spots
->Energies skin and impart a natural glow
->Provides extra mild yet effective cleansing

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