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Ginger Hair Growth Promoter

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Nake Organica Ginger Hair Promoter is made from Ginger Extract and Procyanidin B2 is a natural technology designed to promote healthy hair growth and to thicken hair that is suitable for men & women.

Key Ingredients

  • Aqua
  • Ginger Extract
  • Apple Extract (Procyanidin B2).
  •  vitamin B12
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
  • preservative


After 90 days of usage : 

  • Hydrates the skin beneath the hair.
  • The ginger extract helps in reducing hair fall by cooling the scalp.
  • Procyanidin B2 in apple extract from Poland helps in hair regrowth.
  • Proper and regular application of the s- Preventing hair fall.
  • Promoting new hair growth.
  • Stimulating and rejuvenating weak hair.
  • Increasing total number and thickness of hair.
  • Increasing the hair diameter.
  •  Nourishing your scalp and hair.
  • Long-lasting results. 

How to Use

  • The Serum should be applied evenly on the scalp.
  • Specially where less hair or baldness, TWICE A DAY.
  • Once in the morning after bath, & once at night before bed.
  • Directly spray on your scalp every 12 hours and let it dry.

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars based on 13 reviews


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"Hair Fall Drastically Reduced"

by Mallikarjuna rao on 18-Feb-2021
I am using this product for the past one month and a half month, the results are amazing, done with my 3rd bottle, hair fall and itchiness on the scalp is completely reduced, Stay tuned for more updates soon.

"Loving It.."

by Disha Sharma on 02-Feb-2021
hello people, I have been using this scalp serum from almost a month , Itchy scalp reduced , hair fall got reduced , I can see small baby hairs , I love this scalp hair promoter from nake organica.

"Best Scalp Serum"

by Vani Sree on 02-Feb-2021
Best serum I have used till now, it's soo.. good.. Using it for a week Scalp itchiness reduced completely

"Going to try it"

by Prableen Kaur on 19-Jan-2021
I'll try this product after reading reviews. I'm facing lot of hairfall

"Great Product"

by Sandeep K on 17-Jan-2021
My hair is getting thicker

"Controlled My Hair Fall"

by Megana on 14-Jan-2021
I am Megana.l am using ginger hair spray for the past 20 days the result is super. It controlled my hair fall issue and promotes small tiny hair I love this product... ❤️

"Nice product"

by kishore on 13-Jan-2021
Hair fall controlled I like this product

"Recived the product"

by Akshay on 09-Jan-2021
Started using it, I hope I will get new hair.

"I love this product"

by Shanmuki Sweety on 09-Jan-2021
Almost finished half the bottle , No irritation or gressyness highly recommend this product

"Easy to use"

by Vikram Vikram on 07-Jan-2021
The hair promoter spary is easy to use and non gressy, penetrates into scalp quikly

"Early To Say"

by Mallikarjuna rao on 04-Jan-2021
I am done with the first bottle I feel my hair fall got reduced need to see what difference it makes for my bald spots. I am happy till now.

"My Friend Reccomended Me"

by Ammu Reddy on 03-Jan-2021
I have serious hairfall problem , I reached out to my friend and she suggested me this Ginger Scalp Serum.

"Thick Hair"

by Manoj Rocks on 20-Dec-2020
My hair fall got controlled

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