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Ginger Hair Growth Promoter

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Relax and get some self-care going with our Ginger Hair Growth promoter. Power-packed with ingredients known to promote hair growth, be rest assured that your hair will receive all the nourishment it needs! This non-greasy serum is made with the goodness of impactful ingredients. It is suitable for men & women for receding hairline, hair thinning, and other common issues. It’s a 100% drug-free, natural ingredient, without any unwanted side effects.


Ginger Extract
Apple Extract (Procyanidin B2).
Fruit extracts
Vitamin B12
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

How to use

Apply the Serum evenly to the scalp twice daily. Especially in areas with bald spots. Once in the morning after bathing, and once before bed. Spray on your head every 12 hours and let it dry.


*You'll see new hair growth after 90 days of usage*

->Strengthens roots and promotes hair growth
->Helps improve hair density by stimulating hair papilla cells
->Hydrates the skin beneath the hair.
->The ginger extract helps in cooling the scalp.
->Procyanidin B2 in apple extract from Poland helps in hair regrowth
->Stimulates and rejuvenates weak hair
->Increases total number and thickness of hair
->Increases the hair diameter
->Nourishes the scalp and hair
->Has Long-lasting result

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Ingredients in all formulations are sourced naturally, certified ecologically, and dermatologically tested. As a highly researched and carefully prepared product with a capable production facility that is ISO and GMP-certified, all of our products are of superior quality, ensuring products that work their magic on your skin and scalp.