About Us

Welcome to Nake Organica

Your Premier Destination for Healthy Skin and Hair.

We develop the finest skin & hair care products with 100% purity & clinically tested formulations, alongside Ecocert high-effective plant-powered bio-actives.

Who are we?

We Specialize in Making Your Hair and Skin Shine From the Inside Out.

Your hair and skin are valuable. That is the reason at Nake Organica we trust that putting resources into excellent skincare and haircare health management items and adopting a comprehensive and proactive strategy to magnificence is the initial step to a lifetime of sound skin and scalp. Irrespective of whether you're on your way to find tried-and-true staples or to discover new top picks, we're here to guide you through your journey.

Nake Organica was established in 2017. From that year forward, we envisioned an honest personal care company that would offer trustworthy and credible products, made of the highest quality ingredients that are safe and clean. Based on that vision, with the help of a very talented group of people, we brought Nake Organica to life.

Why choose us? 

The Most Comprehensive Assortment of Beauty Products

We are passionate about your healthy skin and scalp and are genuinely committed to offering the most progressive healthy skincare and haircare items in the business today. Customers are our top priority and we are here to help with any healthy hair and skin needs you may have. Guaranteed results!

  • Certifiably Organic
  • Clinically proven results
  • Maintains healthy and vibrant skin and hair

Let Us Help You Unveil a Youthful Glow :-

At Nake Organica, we truly believe in curating products by combining high-performance active ingredients with a unique blend of plant-derived elements with potent and healing properties.

No matter where you are on your skincare or haircare journey, we have smart, science-backed solutions for healthier skin. We don't create products for perfect, flawless skin, but healthy skin. Our goal is to help your skin perform its function better while protecting its barrier. While the world is filled with a lot of fluff and skincare trends, we are committed to providing you with minimal but effective skincare.

In only a couple of years, Nake Organica has risen as the biggest beauty goal with a large portion of a million cheerful clients relying upon us to make their skin and scalp look and feel dazzling!

With practically 10+ curated, very much valued and 100% certified Skincare items, Nake Organica prides itself on offering a far-reaching choice of skincare and haircare for ladies and men. 

As your beauty amigo, we make your life a ton less complex by not just curating the healthiest Skin Care products for you, yet additionally by delivering items appropriately to your doorstep.

Our Core Values 

Right from when we founded Nake Organica back in 2017, we’ve completely transformed the landscape of organic and natural personal care, just by curating world-class, chemical-free, plant-powered skincare and haircare. It’s because of this superpower of ours that we’ve managed to put together a truly efficacious range of 100% organic and natural products.

Our Merit

Ingredients in all formulations are sourced naturally, certified ecologically, and dermatologically tested. As a highly researched and carefully prepared product with a capable production facility that is ISO and GMP-certified, all of our products are of superior quality, ensuring products that work their magic on your skin and scalp.

Our Vision

We at Nake Organica strive to create the healthiest skin and hair care products by combining exceptional ingredient purity and safe formulations with highly effective bio-actives derived from plants. 

Our Promise

We continually search the globe for organic farms that cultivate their ingredients with care. We avoid GMOs, pesticides, and fertilisers, and highly appreciate it when farming is done the way it's supposed to be.


Our products are Certifiably Organic. It’s important to us to never make empty claims. That’s why we sought out Organic certification under the ECOCERT standard. Every year, our processes, formulations, and practices are rigorously tested and audited to ensure they're worthy of the prestigious ECOCERT organic seal. To ensure that our consumers receive nothing less than Organic at its finest, we do all of this for them.

Say Hello to Radiant Skin and Silky Smooth Hair All Season Long Only With Nake Organica 

Your skin and hair are your best friend when you take good care of them. If you love the idea of flaunting your skin or showing your shiny hair to the world, you need the right products for it.

Stop wishing you had great skin and get it! With nakeorganica, you can care for your skin and scalp effectively and effortlessly.

The backbone of our brand is our loyal customers who time and again come back to tell us that they have loved the products because they WORK! Don’t take their words, experience them and take your own.