Repairs, Rejuvenates and prevents premature aging

As we grow older we add up experiences, events… and all of this reflects on our skin. Each wrinkle reflects a unique event and loses its ability to create enough skin oils to ensure that the skin is moisturized and loses its ability to stay plump

Many things change. With the passing of the years the metabolism of the cells becomes slower. From a certain age the skin presents specific characteristics: the amount and activity of the fibroblasts is reduced, as well as the synthesis of collagen. Also, the skin dehydrates and dries up due to the reduction of the vascularisation and sweat and sebum secretions. There are also disorders in the pigmentation and “age darkspots” appear.

All of this added to the exogenous factors that affect and deteriorate daily the skin: sun, tobacco, diet, exterior environment, etc. produce an aged face.