A Guide to Skincare Problems and Solutions

A Guide to Skincare Problems and Solutions

A good skin care regimen is an integral part to gain flawless looking skin. Along with simply following your twice-daily skincare routine, there is a multitude of skin issues we all experience regularly. We've created this guide to make your life (and your skincare routine) easier, so you don't have to turn to anybody else to find a solution for the latest hiccup in your regimen - whether that's dull skin or hormonal acne. Here are a few tips to address your common skin issues.



Under-eye bags never seem to go away. Luckily, there are tried-and-tested methods for managing them. Before we move on to solutions, let us unravel the underlying causes. Under-eye bags may signal a diet or lifestyle problem. Allergies, smoking, and even eating too much salt can play a role in giving you bags under your eyes.

However, lack of sleep could be a huge culprit behind that look, and if it’s a common occurrence, you may have to work on your sleeping habits. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults should aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. While getting sleep for a full eight hours is ideal, it isn’t always a reality. Beyond that, there is a slew of remedies that can deflate those bags. Read on to find out.

At-Home treatments

Treatment for dark eye circles depends on the underlying cause. However, some home remedies can help manage this condition. Some of the more common methods include:

  • Freeze coffee ice cubes: Research has shown that caffeine does more than rev up your brain when a deadline looms — it also stimulates circulation when applied to the eye area and has antioxidant properties that may help reduce the risk of wrinkles and even protect against further damage from free radicals. By freezing coffee into ice cubes, you can conveniently cool your lids while constricting blood vessels, reducing swelling, and brightening up tired skin.
  • Use green tea bags: Green tea is another caffeine-rich kitchen staple that may help calm inflammation when applied to puffy lids. It helps protect the skin from environmental stressors and can aid in firming and tightening the skin due to the caffeine present. Try soaking cotton pads in a cooled brew or applying cold tea bags directly to your eye area.

Take vitamin E capsules: This important nutrient found in foods like nuts and sweet potatoes isn’t just essential for eye health when absorbed through food — it’s also a powerful under-eye protector when applied topically. It’s a strong antioxidant that has hydrating and anti-ageing properties as well as promotes healing by aiding in cell regeneration.

For many people, dark circles are temporary and are often an indication of ageing or lack of sleep. Though there are several at-home treatments available to improve the appearance of your eyes, dark circles are typically no cause for alarm. However, if the discoloration or swelling worsens over time, schedule a visit with your doctor or dermatologist to ensure you have correctly diagnosed the issue and are receiving the best treatment.


Dark Spots _ Skin Care

Sun damage is the most common cause of dark spots, while acne can also be the culprit. When the former is the cause, they're often referred to as sunspots, and when the latter is to blame, they may be called post-acne marks. So, can you get rid of dark spots? While you can’t get rid of them at once, you can take steps to help lessen their appearance gradually. 

Whether you have dark spots as a result of acne or sun damage, adding a dark spot corrector to your routine is the solution. Topical treatments that contain skin lighteners such as soy, liquorice extract, or vitamin C have been shown to disperse excess melanin, making skin look more even-toned. Try using Nake Organica’s Vitamin C Serum , which is specially formulated to even your skin tone and visibly reduce dark spots and wrinkles, as a nightly treatment. 

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

  • Brightens Skin - Vitamin C in 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid form has an immense brightening effect. It’s formulated to make skin glow by removing blemishes and fine lines. Vitamin C is highly effective in stopping melanin-biosynthesis, which leads to skin brightening. 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is the most potent form of  Vitamin C that’s safe to use and penetrates the skin from within to lighten the skin tone, giving it a radiant look.
  • Fights Hyperpigmentation – Hyperpigmentation is caused due to unprotected sun exposure.  3-O Ethyl Ascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and prevents inflammatory processes to slow down photoaging that causes pigmentation. It has a direct effect on hyperpigmentation - including age spots, sun spots, and melasma. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C protect against UV-induced photodamage while Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin cool and hydrated.
  • Even Skin Tone –  Vitamin C is super effective in fading pigmentation that evens out the skin tone. The serum also protects the skin against premature ageing triggered by free radicals that cause oxidative stress.


Vitamin C Serum – Skin Radiance

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Best Skin care for Dry Skin

Most of us aren’t strangers to dry skin. Whether your complexion needs a hydration boost all year long or only during the cold winter months, our number one tip for addressing dry skin is to invest in a nourishing scrub specifically formulated for your skin type. Dry or cracked skin means your dermis is probably thirsty. As you age, the skin begins to lose some of its moisture. Making things worse, a dehydrated dermis is more likely to show signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles. Nonetheless, rethink your tendency to grab the Turmeric polishing scrub you can find, which can plug pores to cause acne and penetrate your skin's surface layer effectively to restore comfort and nourishing moisture to your mature, very dry skin. 

Benefits of Turmeric Polishing Scrub

  • Brightens Skin Tone
  • Adds Hydration
  • Exfoliates dry Skin
  • Moisturizes and smoothes skin
  • Visibly smoothes skin 
  • Reduces pore size & firms skin
  • Polishes Skin
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Dermatologically-Proven for safety and gentleness on all skin type

Turmeric Polishing Scrub - All Skin Types

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Rough texture often goes hand-in-hand with dull skin. When dead skin cells hang out on your face too long, your complexion doesn't reflect light, and a lack of exfoliation could be what’s missing from your routine. 

Try swapping your normal mask with the Nake Organica’s Organic Sandalwood Fresh Cheeks Mask, which is formulated with the goodness of Sandalwood extract, with a perfect balance between heavily-weighted and oil-free creams. Benefit from a smooth, supple, and flawless complexion naturally! Infused with pomegranate, orange peel, and red sandalwood, it helps to improve skin tone and texture. 

Another tip for reviving dull skin? Add a vitamin C serum, like the Nake Organica’s Vitamin C Serum, to your skincare regimen. This serum will help boost radiance while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Benefits of Sandalwood Fresh Cheeks Mask:

  • Vegan, Environment-friendly and contains all-natural ingredients
  • Gives skin a soft, smooth and fragrant feel
  • The mask is light yet gives a fresh and sweet feel
  • Nourishes parched skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Calms the hot bothered skin
  • Nourishes and tones sun-exposed skin
  • Controls acne
  • Removal of Dark Spots
  • For Removing Acne and Blackheads

Sandalwood Fresh Cheeks Mask

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Let’s be real, large pores are a bit of a nuisance. No one is asking for their pores to be larger, are they? Aside from the fact that they typically go along with oily skin, they can also take a toll on your makeup look. As frustrating as they can be, large pores are extremely common. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! 

When skin is producing excess oil, our top tip is to add a face scrub to your routine a few times a week to help remove excess oil and unclog pores. Don’t stop with a scrub, though. Try Nake Organica’s Moisture Rich Rosehip sleep Cream helps to slow down the ageing process of the skin, leaving you with radi­ant and youthful-looking skin with minimal pores. It is rich in antioxidants which assist in rejuvenating the skin and may help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It is made to heal dry and dull skin. Infused with Rosehip extracts, it helps in lightening dark spots and nourishes the skin for brighter-looking skin. 

Benefits of Rosehip Sleep Cream

  • Minimizes Pore appearance
  • Nake Organica moisture Rich sleep Cream, Rosehip is a deeply nourishing and moisturizing sleep cream. It imparts continuous hydration and keeps your skin soft and supple
  • It helps in deeply nourishing and hydrating your skin
  • Boosts skin elasticity, fill up fine lines, fade out the age spots
  • Eliminate sun spots, remove micro wrinkles, and tighten skin
  • Helps to repair the skin by soothing, moisture, repairs the damaged cells, controls premature ageing by slowing down the development of wrinkles
  • Balances even skin’s driest areas with more moisture
  • Absorbs into the skin easily with an ultra-lightweight texture
  • Enhances radiance with a smooth finish and assures healthier skin

Rosehip sleep cream (Skin repair) 

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It is inevitable that we will develop wrinkles. But we get it—just because everyone gets them doesn’t make them any more appealing. The good thing is, addressing wrinkles is all about taking preventative measures. Try using Nake Organica’s Olive Oil Soap consisting of olive oil extracts that help delay the signs of ageing and nourish the skin with vitamin E.  With Wrinkles, Your Skin's Collagen Supply Is Low. Your goal is to boost collagen using products containing growth factors and peptides, which work deeper down to strengthen the support structure of the skin. 

It also should go without saying that you need to be diligent with good sun protection to help slow premature ageing, including using a broad-spectrum SPF 30 daily, wearing a wide-brimmed hat when out in the sun, sporting wraparound sunglasses, and seeking shade when possible.

Benefits of Olive Oil Soap:

  • A natural soap that helps cleanse the skin and remove dirt and impurities
  • Antioxidant properties nourish the skin and fight the signs of ageing
  • Contributes to a healthy glow
  • Moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and supple
  • Aromatic and refreshing, leaving your senses uplifted throughout the day
  • Free from chemicals

Olive Oil Soap pack 

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Dealing with hormonal acne can be frustrating enough without having to deal with acne itself. Just when you thought getting your period wasn't bad enough, now you're dealing with a breakout on top of it. You'll be dealing with hormonal acne for years to come, but if you're equipped with the right tools, hormonal acne needn't be the bane of your existence. 

Let us guide you in finding the cause. Your hormones may be out of whack if you have acne. When choosing a treatment, you need to understand that what caused acne as a teen may not be the cause of breakouts today. During adolescence, acne was probably caused by excessive oil production, but as you age, it's usually caused by hormones. The Tea Tree Serum-Acne Prone Skin from Nake Organica can help. 

Benefits of Tea Tree Serum-Acne Prone Skin:

  • Clears Acne & Blemishes – The acne-fighting serum is specially formulated to clear pores from congestion, fight blemishes, and brighten skin tone. The combination of Tea Tree & Salicylic Acid (BHA) exfoliates deeply and reduces redness that helps clear acne and blemishes. BHA & Tea tree together fights acne-causing bacteria.
  • Cleanses & Exfoliates – The BHA gel is an advanced cleansing formulation of 2% Salicylic acid, Tea Tree These gently but effectively exfoliate and improve the overall appearance of acne-prone skin. Salicylic Acid (BHA) fights acne-causing bacteria and treats calluses.
  • Minimizes Pores & Fine Lines – BHA is a potent yet safe ingredient used to shrink pores, even out fine lines and discolouration. The addition of Tea Tree reduces acne breakouts, minimizes and tightens pores, and fades fine lines and acne marks.


Tea Tree Serum – Acne-Prone Skin
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You probably have dealt with another type of acne at some point in the past? Blackheads. As a result of the overproduction of oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria, you develop blackheads. However, managing blackheads isn't as difficult as you might think.

At-home treatments:

  • Keep skin clean at all times: Every time you step out of the house, your skin attracts dirt. If not cleaned well, it may lead to blocked pores increasing the chances of blackheads. Makeup can have the same effect on the skin and if not cleaned out completely, might result in blackheads and even breakouts. Always remember to remove makeup and wash your face before calling it a day.
  • Facials: Getting facials regularly can help curb blackheads to an extent. Facials are a refreshing way to rid the skin of impurities, deep-seated debris and restore the glow.
  • Exfoliate: If you have not started yet, it’s time to include exfoliation in your skincare regimen. Use a natural or cosmetic scrub, suitable for your skin type to slough off grime and dead skin cells from your skin. Concentrate on the blackhead-infested area while you are at it. Exfoliate at least once a week.



Brown spots can appear as a result of hormonal imbalance (often caused by taking birth control pills). The excess melanin (the skin's pigment) on the surface of the skin makes it particularly difficult to treat, unlike sunspots. 

Look for SPF 40 or higher to keep skin protected daily — rain or shine, beach or office. Even one day in the sun unprotected can cause melasma to get worse and make it difficult to get rid of. Try Carrot sunscreen SPF 40 PA+. The Blue Light technology in this protects against harmful UV rays and blue light indoors and outdoors. Made from certified organic ingredients, this moisturizing sunscreen absorbs quickly. This product is appropriate for any skin type. A carrot seed extract is incorporated into it to make it skin-friendly. Vitamins B5, C and E are also provided, as well as protection against sun damage.

Benefits of Carrot Sunscreen: 

  • Provides Indoor & Outdoor protection from harmful UV rays and blue light
  • Protection from long-wavelength UVA rays
  • Helps in healing sunburned skin
  • Keeps skin well hydrated and nourished
  • Smoothes Skin
  • Keeps Complexion Even
  • Sun Protection
  • Helps Protect Against The Visible Signs of Premature Aging
  • Reduces Risk of Cancer
  • Healthy Skin Overall
  • Moisturize, soothe and protect your skin
  • Fortify skin cells and provide smart sun protection
Carrot Sunscreen SPF40 PA+

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You can rest assured that after following these remedies and using organic skincare products, your skin will glow. Make sure to uncover the cause first.

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