India's #1 Organic Skincare & Haircare Brand

Affordable Luxurious Skin Care and Haircare Formulated using Natural, Organic, & Botanical Ingredients with Select Bio-actives.

-> 100% pure and organic
-> Cruelty-free
-> Dermatologically tested
-> Remarkably Affordable

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Nake Organica

Your One-Stop Ritual For Irresistibly Clear and Smooth Skin and Scalp.
Help Sustain That Luminous Skin and Healthy Scalp With India's #1 Skincare & Haircare Brand
It is our loyal customers who keep coming back to us to tell us how much they love our products because they work. They are happy with the results and they keep buying more. Don't take their words for granted, experience it for yourself!


    Our products are made up of a unique formulation of compounds that work together to address the problem at hand. We love to share both the science and the magic behind our products. This is certainly the basis of our world.


    As a Natural Beauty Care brand, we place a high value on the ingredients in our products. We obsessively study each ingredient's effects. Putting together the most effective and well balanced blends is a non-negotiable goal.


    It's of extreme importance to us that our products get clinically tested, certified, and marked safe for use by dermatologists. We're actively working on this because proof is what we believe in.


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